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      Industrial Hygiene, Industrial Hygiene Engineering, Dust Collectors, Dust Collector System, Modular Ducting, Bag Dump Station, Flexible Extaction Arm, Buggy for Powder Transfer, Mumbai, India



      * To protect health & safety at the workplace
      * To improve workplace productivity
      * To save your money through efficient & optimized 
          products & systems. 


      * Design & supply of Dust Control System to maintain dust level 
         below OSHA stipulations.
      * Audit of existing systems
      * Air sampling & measurements
      * Design & supply of process equipment local / central venting 
      * Design & supply of ductwork 
      * Design & supply of ventilation system.
      * Design & supply of Central Vacuum Cleaning System


      * Flexible fume/vapour extractor arm.
      * Special ducting components.
      * Special hoods for material handling equipments, 
         like Belt Conveyor etc. 
      * Scrap recycle stations in packing operation.
      * A Flexible Powder transfer system using buggies.
      * Powder samplers.
      * Dust Collectors
      * Dust Collectors System
      * "Dust Buster" / chutes which reduce dust generation.
      * Packing machine Hoods.
      * Big Bag Dump stations.
      * Drum unloading stations.
      * Blowers.
      * Manual Bag Filling station.
      * Bag Cleaning Machine.

      Bag Dump Station
      Bag Dump Station
      Flexible Extraction Arm
      Flexible Extaction Arm
      "Buggy" for Powder Transfer
      "Buggy" for Powder Transfer
      Portable Spill Pick-Up
      Portable Spill Pick-up
      Big Bag Dump Station Manual Filling Station
      Pull Rings for Quick Assembly
      Centrifugal Fan
      Big Bag Dump Station Manual Filling Station Pull Rings for quick assembly Centrifugal Fan

      Dust Collector, Dust Collector System, Industrial Hygiene, Industrial Hygiene Engineering, Bag Dump Station, Flexible Extaction Arm, Buggy, Buggy for Powder Transfer, Dust Control System, Vacuum Cleaning System, Modular Ducting, Air Pollution Control, Process Safety, Mumbai, India

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