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      Central Cleaning Vacuum Systems, CVC System, Hoses Tools & Accessories, Tubing & Fittings, Mumbai, India

      Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems  (CVC)

      •  Cleaning & Scouring Equipment & Floors Material Recovery
      •  Capture of Dangerous & Hazardous Dust
      •  Vacuum Conveying of Materials

      Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems (CVC)

      CVC  System

      A most reliable, efficient and rugged system- an outcome of perfect engineering and best in world system components.

      In-depth engineering including scouring power requirement for specific jobs, tubing and equipment specifications and layouts, system pressure drop calculation etc.

      Vacuum producer and Smooth Flow
      TM fittings & tools from Gardner Denver – ’A world leader in Industrial Central Vacuum Cleaning’
      Central Vacuum Systems can provide vacuum service throughout an entire factory.
      A typical system consists of :
      •  Hoses, tools and Accessories
      •  Tubing and Fittings
      •  Separator tanks, Collectors & Filters
      •  Vacuum System
      Applications :

      •  Dust Control
      •  Product Reclamation
      •  Pneumatic conveying
      •  Food and Pharmaceutical production
      •  Electronics Manufacturing

      Hoses Tools & Accessories

      Hose, Tools and Accessories
      •  Robust, User Friendly Designs 
      •  Complete, utilitarian cleaning 
      •  Product collection and/or reclamation 
      •  Industrial duty, long life 
      •  Decades of proven experience

      Hoses Tools & Accessories

      Performance Overview
      •  Complete line of 1.5" and 2" hose 
      •  Full compliment of tools 
      •  General and heavy duty designs 
      •  Stocked for one day delivery 
      •  Hundreds of models to suit 
      •  Floors, pipes, walls, special surfaces

      Hoses Tools & Accessories

      Hoses Tools & Accessories

      Tubing & Fittings

      Tubing & Fittings Expanded Fittings
      Tubing & Fittings Slip Coupling
      Tubing & Fittings Compression Coupling
      Shrink Sleeve

      Smooth Flow Tubings and Fittings

      Tubing & Fittings

      Tubing & Fittings

      Separator tanks, Collectors & Filters

      •  Separating particulates from the conveying medium, generally air
      •  Collecting this material for disposal 
      •  Temporarily storing the solids
      Separator tanks, Collectors & Filters Separator tanks, Collectors & Filters Separator tanks, Collectors & Filters

      Vacuum System


      Hoffman?Cast Series
      •  Unsurpassed durability
      •  Efficient operation
      •  Aeration, combustion, vacuum service, etc 
      •  Minimal maintenance, virtually no wearing parts 
      •  A century of proven experience

      Performance Overview
      •  Airflow Range: 100 - 40,000 CFM (170 - 67,000 m3/h) 
      •  Pressure to 25 psig (1.72 bar) 
      •  Vacuum to 18 "Hg (610 mbar)
      •  Rugged seal construction 
      •  Minimum 10 year bearing life (AFBMA L10) 
      •  Special materials and features available as needed 
      •  Drivers: motors (50/60 hz), turbines, engines 
      •  Suitable for air and gas service

      Vacuum System

      CVC System

      The term Vacuum Cleaning System not only refers to cleaning by means of vacuum hose and tools, but to a multitude of tasks which can be accomplished by the same basic system components : vacuum producer and separators.

      A central vacuum cleaning system can therefore be installed in many types of plants and buildings to accomplish one or more of the following objectives:

      1. Good house cleaning tool—a labor saving device.
      2. Material recovery.
      3. Capture of dangerous and hazardous dust.
      4. Vacuum conveying of material.

      In this guide, however, we have attempted to cover the vacuum cleaning system as a tool for good housekeeping only.

      Such a system is generally designed to pick up and convey dry and free-flowing material that can enter and pass through the vacuum cleaning tool and hose. Further, the system is designed to allow for a selected number of operators.

      Piping Layout Showing Inlet Valve Locations & System Components.

      CVC System

      Advantages of Industrial Central Vacuum Cleaner System 
      Over the Portable Vacuum Cleaners.

      Ease of Handling – Collected product
      Avoiding Secondary Dust Exposure 
      Overall less Capital Cost
      User Friendly – Resulting in better house keeping and Equipment cleaning.
      Lower Working Cost on account of Less Maintenance & Power 

      CVC System

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